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  • Di Dikovski on charity marathon "We will live!"

    On February 04 2017

    Di Dikovski performed at charity marathon "We will live!" In support of cancer patients. The event held on the day of the fight against cancer in Vegas City Hall (Crocus City).

  • Old New Year with Di Dikovski

    On January 13 2017

    Meet the Old New Year with Di Dikovski & jazz band. Meeting at the restaurant Aragvi 1938. Hurry to reserve tables now. Places are limited.

  • Di Dikovski and «Hearts without borders»

    On December 09 2016

    Di Dikovski tooke part in a charity concert «Hearts without Borders» in support of children in need.

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On June 29 2016

Di Dikovski will introduce their fans, new songs and new videos. This singer told a news conference organized by ARMENPRESS.AM

On March 21 2016

Armenian singer: «Heaven gave a gift to me to heal thrue the vocal». An article in

On March 21 2016

Armenian singer shocked the jury and spectators on show "The Voice of Ukraine". An article in

On March 20 2016

Diana Dikovski on the show The Voice of Country 6 - Dle Yaman - watch online video. An article in

On March 16 2016

Di Dikovski brilliantly performed at The Voice of Ukraine. An article in

On March 16 2016

Di Dikovski brilliantly performed at The Voice of Ukraine. An article in

On November 01 2015

Interviews Dee Dikovsky «Cosmopolitan Armenia». "This is given above. When you walk on the predestined path - gift manifests itself more and more. "

On October 23 2015

Interviews Di Dikovski site «». Why is known jazz singer wants to go to Baku, and why she once decided to get together and leave Armenia ...

On June 04 2015

Interviews Di Dikovski newspaper «Eritasard».

On June 03 2015

Interviews Di Dikovski newspaper «Iravunk».

On Jube 03 2015

Interviews Di Dikovski edition «Eritasard». The club «Mezzo» subtle jazz lilt Armenian audience admired Di Dikovski.

On June 02 2015

The report «ARKA Style» on the concert in Yerevan is Di Dikovski on 1 June. It is with prayer (gospel) and began his concert in Yerevan known Moscow dzhazvumen Diana Dikovski. But, as the theater begins with a hanger, and the concert begins in the morning of the artist.

On May 28 2015

Diana agreed to answer the questions of «ARKA Style» on the planned in Yerevan June 1 concert and not only.

On May 27 2015

Interviews Di Dikovski socio-political newspaper "Voice of Armenia".

On May 21 2015

Di Dikovski gave an interview before the concert Aysor, which will take place on June 1st at the club Mezzo.

On May 14 2015

Di Dikovski shared with readers of the newspaper IRAVUNK memories of the horrors of war through which she had to pass.

On April 27 2015

Di Dikovski told the correspondent of Cosmopoliten Armenia on their upcoming plans in Yerevan.

On March 26 2015

Di Dikovski organized a press conference on the eve of the solo concert devoted to the 100 anniversary of genocide of Armenians.

On November 18 2014

Dersu Uzala‛s impressions from the concert of Di Dikovski in a jazz club «Academic».

On October 13 2014

Submitted to your attention an interview with well-known jazz singer Diana Dikovski was made the day after the brilliant performance of Diana at the IV-th Festival Radio, traditionally held in the alma mater of the Moscow jazz - club Alexei Kozlov.

On April 24 2014

Di Dikovski was interviewed by PODIUM.LIFE about Estet Fashion Week.

On December 14 2010

Di Dikovski been a guest of transmission Glumova Morning on Radio Van in Yerevan. Listen to the recording of this interview, in which, among other things, Di will perform song Corsica live.

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