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    Di Dikovski tooke part in a charity concert «Hearts without Borders» in support of children in need.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 00:00

Concert of Di Dikovski in a jazz club «Academic». Author: Dersu Uzala.

On November 18 2014

Dersu Uzala‛s impressions from the concert of Di Dikovski in a jazz club «Academic».

Concert of Diana Dikovski in a jazz club "Academic". Jazz Club "Academic" - quite a nice place, I tell you. Good location - a 3-minute walk from the m. October. Polite and considerate service staff at the entrance. Hall, perhaps even more than in the "Butman" ... several darkened light that creates a cozy atmosphere ... great scene ... beautiful sound (thanks to the local sound engineer!). In general, the entourage is very, very, let's look at the content. ))

Filling the club this evening concert served as a wonderful, charming and incomparable singer Diana Dikovski, to whose work I recently very attached. In the 3rd time already come to the concerts of Diana, and the 3rd time I receive a lot of pleasure. I can say here that every concert singer passes on his original script, the club Alexei Kozlov I saw one Diana, Igor Butman Club in another, and in the "Academic" third.

Yes, very nice that Di practically not repeated in the repertoire (there is no single way of knurled) or the "staged" performances. It is entirely in their native and beloved "space" then "in its board" clubby "girl", the cheeky and cheerful jazz-woman. This time there was the last of these options - Diana humor so that at certain moments in the evening just the same it was impossible not to laugh! )) It is significant in this respect, the performance of Di famous smash hit "Give me this day" - so you just have to see her musicians sometimes even laughing! )), Diana showed her outstanding acting skills, which I did not even know after his first creative rendezvous with the singer, held at the club Kozlov. (There she sang elegant but somewhat static.) Vyplesnuv their bright artistic charge, Di went to the room, sat down on a chair and watched as her musicians use groups to empower them and pofeerit pokurazhitsya. Well, the guys in the "debt" did not stay - fantastic pianist Manuk Ghazaryan, virtuoso bassist and drummer Roman Grinyov-phenomenon Mikhail Dolgov show everything what they can do. Bravo, you guys are awesome musicians! When the diva returned to the stage, she suddenly began to sing ... "Sleeping tired toys, books, sleeping ..." (!) - Thus one smash hit imperceptibly-harmonically (seamless) peretёk to another. ))

By the way, do not throw Diana guessed earlier idea. One of my friends cover band after the final words of a song - "Do not fall asleep while I was there ..." adds: "... Next! Next! Next - said! Sit! Stay! Next!" )), Diana, of course, is unlikely to be taken advantage of this know-how eccentric, but who knows ...)) Women - people sometimes reckless and unpredictable! ))

The surprise of the concert was the performance of special guest - a wonderful opera singer tenor Garush Vardanyan. Garush sang two famous Neapolitan songs - Funiculi-funicula and Dicitencello Vuie. I admit, I loved his performance! Firstly, the voice - he is very Garush quality and comfort. Secondly, the mood - it is evident that it is light and kind person, a song he related - cheerful, full of joie de vivre. Diana still missing sadness, but Garush - he'd just taken a special flight straight from Naples ... and let the mind with an Armenian (which, incidentally, is not so obvious), but in the soul - sybaritism neapolitanin! )) I personally mood songs Garush very much to our liking! "More Life!" (c) All of a sudden appearance of the Armenian "Neapolitan" ... and touched me, your humble author! Let and backgrounds, but nonetheless. Since I recorded the performance of the singer on the camcorder Garush, leaving the stage (of course, to thunderous applause!) Came up to me and asked to erase the video of the first things. "Why ??" - I asked in amazement. According Garush, he is somewhere in the text songs rearranged words. It should be noted that Funiculi-Funicula by Vardanyan I particularly liked, and I felt a light shock from the fact that it will have to be removed. But the singer can understand: suppose it gets the video where the words are rearranged in the internet, and the reputation of the famous tenor may be suffered some reputational hit. Well, being the operator of the many concerts, I always was and am on the side of the authors, so wish me Garush undeniable - I said, "Okay, whatever you say!" Interestingly, before the end of the concert the singer experienced (it was noticeable) - I do not deceive him !? )) I had more time to assure the singer: no, it is not the first song will be released! Incidentally, all this unexpected force majeure with Funiculi-Funicula made me even more began to respect Garush: a true professional of the business can not afford to relocate at least one word in the song, which was once glorified by Luciano Pavarotti! Bravo Garush!

After the concert, came home and looked bilayer graphene Vardanyan. Quite amazing biography! Suffice to announce this fact: "After eight years of work on the first specialty (law) is that Garush Vardanyan rare tenor in the world." What follows is a description of the many feats Garush, but enough for me and that - to go on stage after 8 years of working as a lawyer!

And again, back to the Di ... Thanks, Diana, that you have such friends! )) Needless to say, this evening was full diva famous classics of the genre - Piano Man and I Feel Good, - and her "space" Corsica - authoring a thing of the singer, is rapidly gaining popularity. (Do not be surprised if soon the song will take to perform the vocals and other masters.) But Di Di would not have been if it threw some funny trick! And she threw it! )) I even initially not believe my ears when Diana spoke into the microphone: "I see a lot of room in persons of Caucasian nationality" )) From the audience came a laugh, and I would say, somewhat nervously. )) It turned out to Diana thus leads to the next number - the execution of the Armenian folk song Dle Yaman. Well, if the singer and someone touched his previous sentence, now it is more than "rehabilitated." )) Personally, I would very much like to hear how Di sings in Armenian. Heard - sings well! The song, however, grustnovataya but very heartfelt. Of course, I tried to figure out what the essence there, and the answer was that the singer: "It's a song about the sadness, pain, separation ..." Thank you, Diana-jan!

And another unusual number sounded from the stage - Lonely Town. The singer said: "Every time I sing this song, I fall into a trance. For me, this" space "!" Di sang this thing in a duo with bassist Roman Grinyova ... ie, vocals + bass, and nothing more! In my understanding, hypnotic song with a Dip inner energy.

Two more words about the staff. Di has announced that it is present in the hall schoolgirl - singer Augustine. This girl I've yet to hear - I will hope that I will hear more. And in the end one of the songs to Diana came with flowers the other girl, and enthusiastically thanked for the song. Here is a very interesting story: Julia Shuitsev - so call appreciative listener - recently married the sculptor Arsene, and judging by the replica of Julia ("... With your light hand! ..."), Di did put his hand to it! ))) Here's a she, Diana V.! ))

By the way, do not miss tomorrow on TV "first" at 18:45 transfer of "Let's get married" - the main character of the program is none other than ... Diana Dikovski! )) All the "wild" look !! )))'

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