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Monday, 13 October 2014 00:00

Dersu Uzala interview with Di Dikovski

On October 13 2014

Submitted to your attention an interview with well-known jazz singer Diana Dikovski was made the day after the brilliant performance of Diana at the IV-th Festival Radio, traditionally held in the alma mater of the Moscow jazz - club Alexei Kozlov.

Has never been brought to me to interview a person of such a high level of popularity, and without exaggeration stardom. Yes, Diana Dikovski - the real star of jazz vocals! One evidence of what can be, for example, the recent participation of the singer in the TV show '' Artist ':


"I came out of nowhere, and open to all." (c) Di Dikovski.


Mark:Diana, yesterday for the first time you saw and heard in the club Alexei Kozlov! I am in a pleasant shock - you have amazing vocals! )) Your voice can not remain indifferent to the man who appreciates music! I was particularly struck by the "Corsica"!


Diana Dikovski:Thank you, good to hear! ) True, "Corsica" is not jazz, but I do it regularly sing at their concerts. And why is she?


Mark:Not only is she. But what about "Corsica" - I felt that she is closer to you the most. Clearly something dear. But what exactly, I do not know. Just feel it.


Diana Dikovski:Yes, it is - my baby. I recorded it in a tattered feelings.


Mark:And yet you are peculiar, atypical keep yourself on stage. Modest, detached, so to speak, and it captivates.


Diana Dikovski:))))) I'm different! And the behavior of others? Rather, I'm going to, and keep a straight-line space. )) On stage I reincarnate, and many of those who do not know me, can not guess what I singer.


Mark:Other? As a rule, our jazz singer oriented to conventional Larisa Dolina - that is all out, all for show. Without leaving room for the puzzle mystery. And you - yes, withdrawal (exact expression!), And it's intriguing. You are in a good sense, in its wake. ))


Diana Dikovski:I almost did not listen to our more "firmachey" - Patti Labelle, Imma Sumac, Ella Fitzgerald, whose otherworldly, space vocals. Admire and singers such as Sarah Vaughan, Didi Bridgewater, Aretha Franklin and Lisa Fischer. But in my heart I'm still a classic, and is based on the classical school.


Mark:Then passing question: Do not pull back to the operatic vocals? After all, you are a beginner, I think it was him?


Diana Dikovski:I graduated from the Yerevan State Conservatory. Komitas class academic vocal. Whether pulling me to him? Ooochchcheeen! Sometimes I feel like a traitor, 8 years academic vocal - it's not a joke. I have in mind for a long time slips desire to make a mini-concert of beautiful arias and concert of songs from the classical repertoire.


Mark:make sure! )), Diana, and how you react to what you call a "star"? And you look like a star! Charisma, at least, it is this! When I saw you (before the stage), I immediately realized that this - the star! )) Or I have a nose for the stars !? )))


Diana Dikovski:For six years, I often hear behind him, these 'gossip' about me! ))))) For the last year I do not often cling to this "label" - STAR - start getting a taste, THANK YOU! I myself per se, of course, do not think! And although the long see the genuine interest of people to me, to my singing, their assertive tone in my stardom, I'm calmly to all of this, for a long time has set a goal - "not to hurt star disease" - in fact a lot of temptations, and the result is always one - abysmal. Let the people say, I do not protivlyus their opinion and their inner feelings, but for me the concept of "Star" - a laborious, hellish work and standards of the "stars" for me is Maria Callas, Ella Fitzgerald, Madonna, Jackson - artists who have earned worldwide fame, working on a hard, completely surrendering to the stage, LIFE!


Mark:I'm so impressed with your performance yesterday that tonight you even dreamed about me in a dream! ))) The dream was this: You act as if somewhere in Vladivostok (!!) in some jazz club, and I somehow also there with you. )) ... (Note. Author omits details of sleep. But it very well!)) - MN)


Diana Dikovski: Well, take a course for Vladivostok? )))) It's amazing how music can influence the minds of people!


Mark:One of the most intrigued me riddles: "Diana Dikovski" - a real-name name? Surname reminds Polish or German. This is an alias, or you married (were married) to a man with a name like that? Unless, of course, no secret.


Diana Dikovski: This is my stage name is already 10 years old.


Mark:Ok! Then what is the name of Dikovski? Do you come up with it? Just because it's so beautiful?


Diana Dikovski:No, not herself - gave a friend who knows my obstinate character. )) Now, of course, with the wisdom of life passions pouleglis but nickname is already as a mother - it is so ingrained in my fate, that no one no longer remembers me on this family. To the point that I wanted to change the documents, but it is all too problematic.


Mark:The obstinate character !? For me it is a revelation! )) I, on the contrary, it seems that you are very quiet! )) It turns out that under the outward calm hides a complex, stubborn nature !? )) What this involves - you always insist on their point of view? You stubborn?


Diana Dikovski:I always defend their interests, even if they are sometimes a little bit crazy! )) I have my own truth. If I was not rested, I would never have achieved its goals, and did not move for the sake of career advancement in Moscow.


Mark:Do you like Moscow? In addition to its features, it's also a bad environment, and (oh my!) Long winter! )) A cork! ))


Diana Dikovski:Moscow - my favorite city since childhood, and everyone is their own! I just moved here in your heart! Despite the fact that I am southern flower, and perish without the sun and heat, Moscow opened me your tender embrace. After hearing my prayers, She even softened winter. If you have noticed, the last two winters are more moderate, and snow falls only under the most New Year. Life has taught me not to get attached to anything, although by nature I am a very amorous. Also I love the comfort of home, I love to create a comfortable, cook and consistency throughout. But ... Over the years, I increasingly prefer unlimited freedom in me rooted cosmopolitan consciousness, I'm interested in the whole world. I - a man of the universe. Now it's my goal - to America.


Mark:Oh, the birthplace of jazz! ))


Diana Dikovski:Exactly! Since I declared itself in jazz, you have to work on technique.


Mark:Diana, and how many languages ​​do you know? ) According to your biography on the site, probably seven pieces !? )


Diana Dikovski:If! ))) Native - Russian, then learned his Armenian, moved from Baku to Yerevan. Baku hosts Azerbaijan. School and in life - is English. Year studied French. In the Conservatory - Italian. But really, rather, three languages​​. I can say this: if I shall live in an environment where they speak a language, then calmly spoke in that language in a month or two.


Mark:A valuable quality! ) Diana, and you like the last festival of Radio Some new names have discovered?


Diana Dikovski:Like! It's great that people are doing this kind of activities bring together so many talented and has already fundamentally take his place in the jazz world names! I heard all the different clubs, and someone happened and work on his solo concerts - for example, Daniel Kramer and Sergey Manukyan. Unfortunately, I did not get the previous day of the festival, so all in all I say hard, heard not all. I personally would like it more vocal and stronger sense of celebration.


Mark:Yes, unfortunately I have seen people who have little interest in what is happening on stage. (To be fair, these were in the minority.) But on such a grand concert can not be distracted even for a second! For indeed, the club has a whole Kozlov Mecca of jazz musicians! One Zavolokin worth something! ))


Diana Dikovski:I would like to listen to him yesterday! )


Mark:This is a masterly bassist !!! And for you personally performance at the festival with something different from the usual concert?


Diana Dikovski:Of course! I said jazz world currently. Although for myself I do not want and do not like to graded music styles and genres. I consider myself a full-fledged singer in many genres, and the foundation for this is my opera school. Academic vocal - the founder of all the foundations and directions.


Mark:In my opinion, Victor Radzievskii makes a very big deal.


Diana Dikovski:Victor respect! He is still very young, but his swing on it - like a respectable man, for a lot of years. I can not mention his support - my mother, my respected Alla poppies! She - a good rear son kladets life wisdom and experience!


Mark:Diana, a serious and important question that I ask all musicians: what, in your understanding, there is Music? How and what does it do you think, is born? How significant is its place in your life?


Diana Dikovski:Let me think ... How to eat to tell ... I do not want corny ...


Mark:Yes, we have it unbanal! It is the "recipe from Dee Dikovski"! ))


Diana Dikovski:Probably no one art is not so much impact on people - choreography, visual arts, etc. - as the music. I do not know a single person who would not love her. Let's even the most untalented and mediocre people. On her level we live memories of striking events of our life - first love, meeting, new baby, clearly and distinctly haunting smell and touch. In parallel with the music that you hear on the street by chance, from a car, from the cafe, passers-by or player - memories that you have forgotten, and suddenly one note turns you and you burst into the past, to experience it as if everything before my eyes, so bright and clearly ... We are silent under it, think for her, do children, dance, sadness - in a word, live. For me it is broadcasting my experiences. Although I did not become a doctor, but I'm sure that I treat my own sounds the listener!


Mark:Yeah! It's so !! On behalf of all students - thank you for this!


Diana Dikovski:In my room and cry sincerely, and laugh, and pray from the heart ... And about the place of music in my life, I can say one thing: I ordered universe. No matter how I tried to get away from her, she had me as telёnochka, nostrils again displays on your way! I can not hide from it and can not escape.


Mark:Thank you for such a gorgeous answer! He really was very tasty and no one else like! )) Diane, I'm sorry, but as you have time for social? ))


Diana Dikovski:))))))) I have almost no bad habits - I do not smoke, do not drink and do not walk. There is one - coffee. Consider that the second - is Internet addiction! )) Just kidding. ))


Mark:Diana, your next creative plans?


Diana Dikovski:To capture the whole world! ))


Mark:I knew it! )))


Diana Dikovski:True !? You own psychic abilities !? ))


Mark:No, but you have already said that always sets itself the maximum problem! You maximalist! ))


Diana Dikovski:I have no scheduled plans - the universe itself is their turn to me to be. This is how to lift his leg in weightlessness, and it grows out of the blue stage - and so each step.


Mark:That is, you believe in your destiny?


Diana Dikovski:Yes! I am fully engaged in their work. I like the black sheep - the only singer in the family, we have all the doctors, jewelers, chemists and physicists. And I, too, initially was to become a gynecologist, but ...)))


Mark:Doctor !? Interesting! )) But I think your talent and your mission - be it a singer! There is a feeling that you will conquer the heights to which you aspire! Somehow, just sure of it! Well, Diana, bow to you for everything! I think the interview with you - the dream of every journalist!


Diana Dikovski:Thank you! Was happy to answer your questions! I wish you to do an interview exclusively with international stars! "Your heart will tell you who I am, and my songs will help you in this." (c) Diana Dikovski


P.S.Upcoming concerts Diana Dikovski in Moscow - November 5-9. More detailed information can be found on the pages of Dee Dee in FB, EC, or on her personal website If you appreciate beautiful vocal quality, I highly recommend you go and listen to this amazing singer - certainly not regret it!

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