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  • Di Dikovski on charity marathon "We will live!"

    On February 04 2017

    Di Dikovski performed at charity marathon "We will live!" In support of cancer patients. The event held on the day of the fight against cancer in Vegas City Hall (Crocus City).

  • Old New Year with Di Dikovski

    On January 13 2017

    Meet the Old New Year with Di Dikovski & jazz band. Meeting at the restaurant Aragvi 1938. Hurry to reserve tables now. Places are limited.

  • Di Dikovski and «Hearts without borders»

    On December 09 2016

    Di Dikovski tooke part in a charity concert «Hearts without Borders» in support of children in need.

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Thursday, 19 July 2012 00:00

Di Dikovski acted in the clip «ARMENIA»

On July 19 2012

Shootings of the clip of a song under the name «Armenia» took place. Composer – Yuliana Donskaya, verses - Olga Kulanina. Stars of the Russian platform and the cinemas having the Armenian roots, and also Di Dikovsky became performers of a song.


Di remembers, how everything began:
- And all began that Levon Manukyan who ordered this song, my dear senior friend, happened upon us at a threshold of the Yerevan restaurant that is on Shabolovka 2 in Moscow …
Some a time later, in one of winter evenings, on November 18 2011, we with Julia, the composer of this song, sat at restaurant at Are left, discussed songs for a disk... and after conversation, at an exit, to us towards left Leva in person, got acquainted with Yuliana Donskaya and having learned that she is a composer, invited to have supper together...
And in pleasant conversation it gave rise thought to write the song … about Armenia...
To spinning top this offer which she met with excuses like was flatter, - and as I will write, I practically about Armenia don't know anything, on what emotions and feelings I will write... On what the kind offer followed to depart to Armenia and to be the guest on Lyova Manukyan's silver wedding and his spouse Larissa in Yerevan!!! And also to look at sights of Armenia!!!
Here Julia at all tarried, - as it will go with strangers in unfamiliar, though by hearsay fantastic «the city a museum open-air».
Then Levon Manukyan asked me to become the guide of a trip.
At that time Yuliana Donskaya cooperated closely with poetess Olga Kulanina - here all of us and went to celebrate Leva and Larissa Manukyan's 25th wedding anniversary on November 26 2011г., where the song "ARMENIA" was born.
I, can safely argue, stood at a cradle of this masterpiece, I am godmother and the first performer of the song "Armenia".

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